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Last evening in Finland

Not bad!


After a long day, after sauna, and after diner, as night falls but the light remains because this is Scandinavia, with some strong French wine and together with a good friend, then a hand-made Cuban cigar it utilized to its full potential.  I recommend all of it,

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Santa in Rovaniemi

Santa, our friends Liisa and Ari, and us

If the truth is to be told, we Norwegians are bottomless with envy for the Finns who have stolen the Santa from us.  Here in Rovaniemi they have created a thriving industry.

In addition to the photo-op with Santa himself, they offer a “will

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Cold, then hot

Is the photographer naked?

Riding the 200 km from Oulu (Uleåborg) to Rovaniemi presented us with the first taste of the Arctic.  It is july next wekk, but we felt six degrees and rain.  Lots of very cold rain.  The day started, however, with a nice tour of Oulu and an excellent

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What is Finland?

Our Finnish-Swedish host

Another sauna

Even though this vacation eventually will be about Norway, we are still in Finland.

After a long day in the rain we have arrived in Oulu where another sauna awaited us.  You got to love the Finns!

But we have also had lunch in the

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Nyttig utstyr

On the ferries between the island in the Finnish archipelago, you don’t strap te bike to the rails as we are used to in Norway and Denmark.  Instead the ferry carries wooden wedges.  You place the bike on the side stand, and than a wedge underneath it.  This ensures the

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Welcome to Finland

A beer is required

After 2800 km and a rainy day in/at/on Åland we finally arrived in Finland proper.  They had lit the sauna, the beer was in the fridge, and after a swim in the (very) cold water they served not only dinner but also coffee.

It is the camera that

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New hosts

We left our Villa early Tuesday morning and left everything; the house, the car, the guests – our entire dayly life – to our friends Tone and Trond. We are sure they will manage to run SiToscana section Montemagno during more than three of our six weeks absence.

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New belt, please


It is supposed to be, but maybe it isn’t so simple to replace the alternator belt.  I replaced it a few thousand kms ago.

We have Internet friends.  GatorTiger is one of them.  We met him for the first time yesterday when we rolled into his garage with our red light

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Red light

Red light?

Rumors say that this red light should not be on when the engine is running.

Or, if you like, we might be stuck here in the outskirts of Hamburg.

Interesting times!

Ready for takeoff

No picture, but we are ready to go.  We hope to make it into the south of Germany today.  Tomorrow Hamburg, then Scandinavia.

It is 23°C outside already; it is going to be a very hot day indeed for us.

This map will be updated every 15 minutes (or so) all through the trip.

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