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Back home, at last

Rain? Just a drizzle!

Looking good!

We ended up riding according to the general plan.  That is, we rode from Pisa to Nordkapp by means of Finland, then saw the Norwegian fjords on the way back.   In fact, that was the entire plan.  The implementation turned out to be Pisa

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Sissel and Norwegian countryside

One thing you can not fail to notice while in Norway, is the running water.  It is everywhere.  From small creeks to spectacular waterfalls.  Maybe it is because we live in dry Tuscany, but when you start to pay attention you can enjoy the sound of running and

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End of Norway

End of Norway

The "mechanical" part

We encountered the ocean when we descended from Turtagrø to Skjolden.  Here, more than 200 km further to the west, Norway comes to an end.

In Italy the shore is a line (of sand).  On some side you have terra on the other mare. 

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Excellent service!

Bike in parts


Can you imagine a better way to arrive in Ålesund, than to be invited into a fully equipped wok shop?  This, and no less, what met ua as we limped into town with a leaking slave cylinder and DOT-4 on the slipping clutch.

After Kristiansund and

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Norwegian summer

What is typical Norwegian? I guess there are many answers to that question. This photo shows one. The summer activity with children in Norway. Stunning mountains, bicycles for all the family, reflective vests, bad weather and healthy smiling children.




Arrived in Kristiansund, for many reasons an important stop on this trip.  The weather is not so good (surprise?) but it is not raining hard.

We’re still leaving behind a trail of DOT-4 as we ride.  I have filled a liter of fluid since the leak started some days ago. We

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Missing parts

Even though MC Tuning did their best to help me, it was to no avail.  Due to a technical problem at customs, the new slave cylinder got stuck in transit and will not arrive today.

We hope for the best, and will try to limp all the way to Ålesund where a new dealer

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Stunning mountains

Austerdalsisen and the ocean, seen from RV17

Tørrfisk (dry cod)

We rode from Tromsø to Brensholmen, took the summer ferry to Botnhamn, rode from north to the southern tip of Senja and caught the ferry from Skrolsvik to Harstad. A very nice day with very little rain. Some, but not

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foto: Svein Are Martinsen

It migth be July, but it certainly is four degrees and rain.  At Kvænangsfjellet, on the way to Nordkapp.


Terrible weather!

If you ride as we do, it is 5460 km from Montemagno to Nordkapp.

Departing from Tromsø at eight in the morning we arrived at Nordkapp twelve hours later.  It rained all the way and the thermometer did not show two digits at any time.

The last 80 km along

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