Et utvalg av rapportene fra Giro Toscana er utgitt i bokform. Boken kan kjøpes her.


Last evening in Finland

Ivar and TaSK are talking

Not bad!

Strawberries, cream, and Muscato d'Asti


After a long day, after sauna, and after diner, as night falls but the light remains because this is Scandinavia, with some strong French wine and together with a good friend, then a hand-made Cuban cigar it utilized to its full potential.  I recommend all of it, not just the cigar.

That was how we endured Velkua in the archipelago outisde Turku/Åbo.

Today, however, we are in Rovaniemi, Lappland.  We have eaten very well, and we have had outstanding strawberries with whipped cream, served with a glass of Muscato d’Asti.

Tomorrow we will ride over the “mountains” and into Norway.  We have been promised several degrees and rain all the way.

So far we have traveled 3.500 km.  Most of it in rain.

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