Et utvalg av rapportene fra Giro Toscana er utgitt i bokform. Boken kan kjøpes her.


End of Norway

End of Norway

End of Norway


The "mechanical" part

We encountered the ocean when we descended from Turtagrø to Skjolden.  Here, more than 200 km further to the west, Norway comes to an end.

In Italy the shore is a line (of sand).  On some side you have terra on the other mare.  In Norway you meet the sea water far, far inland.  Then terra slowly ends while mare equally slowly arrives.

Here is where Norways ends in Øygarden north of Bergen.  The picture also demonstrates that there are days without rain in Bergen.

I had lunch on a hill, and got a nice tan.  I thought “tan” and “Bergen” were contradiction in terms.

Either the starer is toast or the battery is dead.  I took the “mechanical” part of the starter apart, and all is well.  I hope to make it to Notodden tomorrow.   It is a 400 km ride.  The forecast is rain (again).

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