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Tryggve at Nordkapp

Terrible weather!

If you ride as we do, it is 5460 km from Montemagno to Nordkapp.

Departing from Tromsø at eight in the morning we arrived at Nordkapp twelve hours later.  It rained all the way and the thermometer did not show two digits at any time.

The last 80 km along Porsangerfjorden were terrible; never have I experienced such strong winds.  Twice I was on the white line struggling like a madman to avoid being literally blown off the road.

Nordkapp welcomed us with 7C, gale, rain and fog as thick as soup.  But the visitor centre, when we found it, was nice and warm.  I had impregnated my rain gear before departure, and it did not leak!

Svein Are came with me; more on that later.

Tryggve and a house

Tryggve in North Norway

Riding back to Tromsø the weather was no less than gorgeous.  I was very happy to show Tryggve that North Norway is not solely rain, wind, cold and unpleasant.

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