Et utvalg av rapportene fra Giro Toscana er utgitt i bokform. Boken kan kjøpes her.


Tromsø, Norway (finally)

Stefan and Capa Superiore

Breakfast at Olderdalen

TaSK and a Finnish adventurer

Nice bikes!

On the ferry from Puttgarden to Rødby (e.g. Germany to Denmark) we met Stefan.  We met again at Olderdalen in Norway yesterday.  Nothing pleased us more than to invite him to stay with us in Capa’s family’s cottage.  It doesn’t have electricity and no running water.  But he said he enjoyed it, so we choose to believe it.

There are things to consider both when inviting strangers into your home, and how to respond when strangers invite you into ttheir home. Not only did we all survive, we also had a nice time together.  Motto: Pick up bikers at ferries.

And we do: On the ferry from Olderdalen to Lyngseidet we met a Finnish rookie.  He was on his first ride in Norway.  Nice young man; hope to meet him again.

Nice bike!  The Honda is also nice.

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