Et utvalg av rapportene fra Giro Toscana er utgitt i bokform. Boken kan kjøpes her.



Sissel and running water

Sissel and Norwegian countryside

One thing you can not fail to notice while in Norway, is the running water.  It is everywhere.  From small creeks to spectacular waterfalls.  Maybe it is because we live in dry Tuscany, but when you start to pay attention you can enjoy the sound of running and falling water almost everywhere.

Water has been coming also from the sky.  Sorry to say so, but weather-vise the vacation in Scandinavia has been  a disaster.  Fortunately we didn’t come to lay in the sun.

We’re in Frederikssund outside Copenhagen.  We have used our shorts for the first time during this “summer” holiday.  In fact, we’re slightly burned due to lack of sun.

Replacing the battery didn’t cure our problem with starting the bike.  It helped, but not for long.  Some debugging and it is evident that the cause  it is the starter-button on the handlebar.  If I hit it hard, it works.  Merely pressing it doesn’t cut it.
I believe I have some spare parts at home.

Tomorrow we’re heading into Germany.

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